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  1. i do really think you speak before knowing me, so let's end here this disscution
  2. i do not want to spend money on something that i think it's free on the internet
  3. hello comunity, for almost 4 days i'm trying to find a good offline shop for my serverfile but i couldn't find one so far what i would like to ask you is that i can find ken's offline shop, but not the whole files already maden, because i didn't manage to extract it from there i also tried to install koray's offline shop, but it had a lot of bugs. i see a lot of servers with ken's offline shop, so it should be free on the internet but i can't find it if u can help me would be great regards
  4. try to clear the quest table from player and reboot the server
  5. due to the fact that i didn't find any sollution to this problem i decided to change the source code this topic can be closed
  6. i have no create fly in my exchange.cpp
  7. when i try to trade with a player i'm disconnected no syserr errors or something, so i don't really know what to do the only modificaions in exchange.cpp were from increasing the yang limit and i rechecked them, everything seems to be right
  8. i do think you have installed this switchbot wrong try to reinstall it and check for tab mistakes
  9. i've just solved the problem by implementing another sash system thank you all for the help you gave to me
  10. i've just tried to initialize it with 0 and now i get no erros, but the client stops working and closes any other sollution?
  11. i've just implemented a sash system, i do think is lentt's system. i compiled the game/db/binary and i got no errors. when i enter the username and the password the client closes and leaves no syserr info i compiled a debug version of the binary and i get this error the functions #ifdef ENABLE_SASH_SYSTEM void CItemData::SetItemScale(const std::string strJob, const std::string strSex, const std::string strScaleX, const std::string strScaleY, const std::string strScaleZ, const std::string strPositionX, const std::string strPositionY, const std::string strPositionZ)
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