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  1. Hello metin2dev, I am looking for someone to sell the system "Special storage", if anyone knows someone who sells it or has it available without BUGs please send a private message Thanks
  2. Hello, I currently have a problem with my server, the game seems to be fine and suddenly it falls, the server generates a .core but when doing gdb there is no information about the fall. Does anyone know what I can do to see what knocks down the server? Core was generated by `./game2_2'. Program terminated with signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. #0 0x00642520 in ?? () [Current thread is 1 (LWP 100798)] Help, If anyone knows the solution, I am willing to pay for help
  3. I have the identical headers, especially the 2, #UP
  4. Hello I currently have this problem on my server, when a player hits mobs or attracts them, the client ejects it from the server and my syslog is this: Process: SEQUENCE 3335b400 mismatch 0xb5 != 0x2 header 2 SYSERR: Jan 21 00:16:19 :: Process: SEQUENCE_LOG [Testt]------------- [008 : 0x76] [002 : 0xa1] [002 : 0x2c] [007 : 0x17] [002 : 0x73] [002 : 0xb3] [002 : 0x7] [002 : 0x77] [002 : 0xe5] [002 : 0x10] [008 : 0x62] [002 : 0xdf] [002 : 0x5e] [002 : 0xb0] [008 : 0x1d] [002 : 0xe8]
  5. Hi. I currently have a problem with my server, when I put on the weapon costume and the character's costume, my skills are bug This only happens when I use the 2 things together, if I use only 1 thing, the skills are not bug Payment for the solution of the problem through paypal The character does not finish doing the emotion GIF:
  6. Check your sysser client
  7. Search: self.mallButton = self.GetChild2("MallButton") And under adds: self.teleport_buttonClick = self.GetChild2("TeleportButton") Search: self.mallButton.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.ClickMallButton)) And under adds: self.teleport_buttonClick.SetEvent(ui.__mem_func__(self.teleport_buttonClick)) Search: def ClickMallButton(self): And under adds: def teleport_buttonClick(self): import uiteleport self.teleport = uiteleport.TeleportWindow() self.teleport.Open() In inventorywindow.py add new button with the name "TeleportButton" and test
  8. You have problem with 4 inventory, search the guide "How to 4 inventory" and solved.
  9. Same mistake, problems with the "else", learn to look for them and correct them, it is not difficult.
  10. Ok, search in char.cpp void CHARACTER::EncodeInsertPacket(LPENTITY entity) In the fuction change this: #ifdef NEW_PET_SYSTEM if (IsPet() || IsNewPet()) #else #ifdef ENABLE_MOUNT_SYSTEM if (IsPet() || IsMountSystem()) #else if (IsPet()) #endif To: #ifdef NEW_PET_SYSTEM if (IsPet() || IsNewPet()) #else if (IsPet()) #endif #ifdef ENABLE_MOUNT_SYSTEM if (IsPet() || IsMountSystem() || IsNewPet()) #else if (IsPet()) #endif
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