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  1. This feature allows you to drop items only on a certain map
  2. Battle.cpp search for case WEAPON_CLAW: iDam = iDam * (100 - pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_CLAW)) / 100; break; and replace it with case WEAPON_CLAW: iDam = iDam * (100 - pkVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_DAGGER)) / 100; break; char_skill.cpp search for case WEAPON_CLAW: iDam = iDam * (100 - pkChrVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_CLAW)) / 100; break; and replace it with case WEAPON_CLAW: iDam = iDam * (100 - pkChrVictim->GetPoint(POINT_RESIST_DAGGER)) / 100; break; INSERT INTO `skill_p
  3. Dalí

    Problem targe_hp

    PythonApplicationModule.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_VIEW_TARGET_DECIMAL_HP PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_TARGET_DECIMAL_HP", 1); #else PyModule_AddIntConstant(poModule, "ENABLE_VIEW_TARGET_DECIMAL_HP", 0); #endif
  4. Party.cpp Search for EVENTINFO(party_update_event_info) after DWORD pid; add CParty *pParty; Bellow, after : pid( 0 ) add , pParty(NULL) Search void CParty::Link(LPCHARACTER pkChr) after info->pid = m_dwLeaderPID; add info->pParty = this; Search void CParty::Update() replace if (!l) return; with if (!l) { RemoveBonuses(); return; } At the end of the file add void CParty::RemoveBonuses() { bool bResendAll = false; int iNewExpBonus = ComputePartyBonusExpPercent(
  5. Of those mentioned by you, great is the best option
  6. this happens when freelancers are better than "developers". Good job mate!
  7. Also you need to compile cryptopp lib with vs2019
  8. The best are the ones made by you. Also, I recommend you to start on something clean like mainline/vanilla
  9. For cube.cpp ch->PointChange(POINT_GOLD, -static_cast<int>(cube_proto->gold), false);
  10. Yes because a horse can live between 25 and 30 years or your horse is immortal
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