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  1. It works like this in version 24. You can't sculpt the terrain in version 37. When selecting any sculpting tool activates the texturing option. This is a new and a serious bug. By the way, maybe you will look at old problems again. Today you certainly have more experience, so the chances of a solution are better. The first old problem is that mixedtextures and shadows are sheared on the joins 256x256 (black grid). The other old problem is the inability to move the tree.
  2. Added new face for assassin woman. Details on the first page.
  3. The winking warrior (face texture). Maybe someone will be able to use it. Download: https://mega.nz/file/PhNymZBL#TVQiiLMjSR624tXhMgesgnvsl9EwXR3T0B8q-ZkCZG8
  4. New face for assassin woman:
  5. This is an imaginary short gift story, the purpose of which is to diversify the presented things. This has no purpose. I was unable to write the story in English language, so I left her in my native language.^^
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Christmas icons pack (32icon). Download: https://mega.nz/file/Gst1XajI#WO3ZlYdwhMPJ2n3LkPhju5LBFINTTbj9t-2N230Ekzs
  7. New icons, I think that with these icons the program is more pleasing to the eye. Download: https://mega.nz/file/jgVCzZDS#2kJpAZ8GK1NNpoibsPZwEAOv42_HCtlU-D9D7HEAx44
  8. Install the DDS plugin for 3ds max
  9. 1 PROBLEM When we open the map without first placing property in the ymir work folder, the areadata.txt files will be automatically replace with nothing. The map will be without objects despite the later addition of property. The solution then is to replace the map with the appropriate areadata.txt files. 2 PROBLEM While gumming textures, the button of this function is pressed. When we change the tool, the eraser button will return to original form, but in fact the eraser function is still activated. This is a tiny bug, but it causes confusion, because until
  10. Added jotunthrym helmet for all characters.
  11. Added long-awaited Jotun-thrym armor. Details on the first page.
  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Halloween sashes in three variants DOWNLOAD: https://mega.nz/file/GhUwTZJK#bR_ziQLtfrlK7QuAY84UdZAILXgxDAzAW1Wo4Gq_qbE Special place: https://metin2.dev/board/topic/20167-tatsumaru/
  13. Recently there was a crash in the forum and some things were missing. I re-insert the hallowen image and a few images with some small edits.
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