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  1. Some models look like a simple duplicate at first glance, but after a closer look, they are the improved (corrected) models.
  2. Tatsumaru

    Jotun-Thrym armor set:
  3. Tatsumaru

    I added coronavirus masks
  4. I will show you how to easily create animations. Do you know this animation? You must have seen her on some server. It would seem that someone went to the trouble to match her with metin, right? This is just the first impression. If you deal with models in metin then you will do such animation in a simple way. Here is a page with thousands of different animations. All you have to do is load your model in FBX format and the animations will adapt themselves. Then you save the file and later adjust it slightly in the program, because the animation does not include hair bones and various armor elements, such as leg or shoulders (although this is not necessary, because I saw that people sell these animations without any editing). https://www.mixamo.com Here's my effect:
  5. Tatsumaru


    Can you explain something EDIT: I only noticed this change (it's a white vertical line): Before After It looks like the problems they write about below, don't concern everyone.
  6. Tatsumaru

  7. Tatsumaru

    A shaman in a sexy outfit xD
  8. Tatsumaru

    I do not plan to open the server.
  9. Tatsumaru

    A small fix for boots icons. For those who like every detail. I think the above picture explains everything and I don't must to say anything more. Download: https://mega.nz/#!OlcCAAyJ!M8a5iRANCxsRJwyvZF_UlNsiSKmU7-SS4Dsyubx3qpk
  10. Tatsumaru

    CODE UPDATE! Now the code is shorter and more accurate than the previous version. There is no problem with the poisoning effect on the monster's life bar. General, I did not notice any problems in the operation of the poisoning effect after adding the new version. Special thanks for helping me with this code for Intern, VegaS™ and HITRON.
  11. When a player or monster is poisoned, a poisoning effect will appear in the life bar. The idea belongs to Whistlee from the Turkish forum. However, in Whistlee version this system does not work for monsters and has no connection with the source code, so the effect is visible only to us. I don't know if I can give a specific place where the original comes from, so I won't do it, but I put here github Whistlee's, where you can find the original code. GITHUB: https://github.com/MMOTutkunlari Special thanks for helping me with this code for Intern,VegaS™ and HITRON. ////////// CLIENT GAME ////////// SOURCE BIN
  12. Tatsumaru

    You and onur balcı together in the industry? You and him have quite similar things and quite a similar style of presentation. xd
  13. Tatsumaru

    Such a small system for extracting stones.
  14. Tatsumaru

  15. Tatsumaru

    A warrior contaminated by the mysterious power of metin stones. Armor and hairstyle added to the offer.
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