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  1. void CQuestManager::CancelServerTimers(uint32_t arg) { auto it = m_mapServerTimer.begin(); for ( ; it != m_mapServerTimer.end();) { if (it->first.second == arg) { LPEVENT event = it->second; event_cancel(&event); m_mapServerTimer.erase(it++); } else { ++it; } } }
  2. Highly recommend. Whole scalling system is working perfect For professional server its like must have
  3. As we fixed problems between us i can recommend him.
  4. voice chat require revision and rework of networking I don't think someone will sell it cheap
  5. gcc-9_4 Meta-port for the default version of the GNU Compiler Collection gcc9-9.3.0_1 GNU Compiler Collection 9 And ninja ninja-1.10.0,2 Small build system closest in spirit to Make
  6. Because there is a bug with additem so you can copy them Also you can use base64 title encoding so it won't be problems with title of shop (sqli ect)
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