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  1. Hi i managed to insert this system without any errors in syserr but now it says this in chat when im right clicking on Soul Stone. Although i have G1 skills already Imgur link
  2. Hello everyone. I have i problme when i'm trying to compile my binary source i get these errors everytime Image with errors on imgur . I tried with visual studio 2013 professional, 2013 community, 2015 pro, and 2015 community but still no succes in getting rid of there errors. Fixed. T/C
  3. Fixed that aswell NOW THIS https://imgur.com/a/QMcOp9k
  4. I think it is added already. This is how my LIBDIR is LIBDIR += -L../../libthecore/lib -L../../libpoly/lib -L../../libsql/lib -L../../libgame/lib -L../../liblua/lib Fixed that. Now this https://imgur.com/a/INBvweE
  5. Someone helped me again to fix that as well and now i get this https://imgur.com/a/u8E4Ty5
  6. I fixed that with some help from someone but then i got this. https://imgur.com/a/AShCShx
  7. Hello metin2dev. I'm trying to compile undyne serverfile source which is vanila source. I'm trying to compile it on a freebsd 11 i386 and it gives me this error. Error photo on imgur
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