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  1. Without hamachi doesn't work? I understand that work with noip.com
  2. My server is work, i am connected at him but i want another person can enter.
  3. Hi! I have a server test and i keep them on virtualbox. How can i do to add a person on server?
  4. cmd_emotion.cpp: In function 'void do_emotion_allow(CHARACTER*, const char*, int, int)': cmd_emotion.cpp:137: error: invalid use of incomplete type 'struct DESC' typedef.h:4: error: forward declaration of 'struct DESC' gmake: *** [OBJDIR/cmd_emotion.o] Error 1 the child is stupid, copied the function duel.
  5. 9 hours ago, Johnny69 said:

    I found this in my recycle bin (code is shit and is from a public source).


    does this system work?

  6. eu sunt de pe skype :D

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