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  1. i need this set too.. anyone know where to find it ?
  2. Very very nice dungeon! I'm curious to see the mobs and the final boss!
  3. The map is very very nice! But the link doesn't work..
  4. Buy a complete server is hard to find.. it's easier to buy a fixed fileserver and then you add your stuff
  5. For servers that have a lot of quests this is perfect! Good job
  6. A really nice map, are you going to sell or release it ?
  7. The quest seems to be correct. The bug i think could be caused by special charcater of your language, but i'm not sure..
  8. Post the quest. All the quests have the same problem ? Or it's the only one ?
  9. i'm searching the same things, thanks
  10. Thanks for the answer,, so what i have to modify in that file ?
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