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  1. i need this set too.. anyone know where to find it ?
  2. Very very nice dungeon! I'm curious to see the mobs and the final boss!
  3. The map is very very nice! But the link doesn't work..
  4. For servers that have a lot of quests this is perfect! Good job
  5. A really nice map, are you going to sell or release it ?
  6. The quest seems to be correct. The bug i think could be caused by special charcater of your language, but i'm not sure..
  7. Post the quest. All the quests have the same problem ? Or it's the only one ?
  8. Thanks for the answer,, so what i have to modify in that file ?
  9. Hi guys, i've got a big problem with the login, i'm using source 40k by [email protected] The problem is that when i try to create a new character iand click button "start" it stops and in the syserr of the channel1 there's this line Empire: EmpireSelectFailed 1 This is the function in the source: Thanks!
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