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  1. I think you did not understand me yet .. In my server there is ch1 -ch2-ch3 -ch4-ch5 -ch6- ch99 I want to ease the load on a break because the game is separated by itself. Example .. ch1 = core1 + core2 + core3 Or give me a solution to treat the problem of continuous separation This is what you need ----------------------------------------------------------------- [email protected]:~ # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on /dev/da0p2 74G 66G 2.2G 97% / devfs 1.0K 1.0K 0B 100% /dev -------------
  2. Hello my friends .. I hope you are doing the best .. .. I had a problem with Surrey. The server was suddenly dismissed and the players were sent out for no reason. The server is very, very slow. This means that I do the number of chansels core1 - core2 - core3 and so on .. but I do not know the way .. Ask your help. what is the way
  3. The name problem has been successfully resolved .. Thank you very much .. I hope to find a solution to the other problem
  4. How do I do it? Please tell me .. Thank you again
  5. Yes, this is what I want for each player to get a specific name .. There is no repeat in the names of the players
  6. Thank you for your prompt response.. 1-I do not mean the user name .. I mean the name of the profile .. can be created more than the name of the person 2- In short, the bottle of perception that displays the tools in the conversation .. does not work correctly .. You must press more than once on the button Shift... + tool more than once to be displayed
  7. I have two difficult problems .. (from my face) Please help me solve them .. I have a private server .. Problem 1: Players can work more than one account with the same name .. Too many accounts are duplicated .. I could not find a solution .. The second problem: I have a problem in the bottle of perception .. its problem is also strange .. Do not display the tool directly I have to click continuously more than once to appear in the chat sometimes do not work I will present a picture of the problem .. Please help me by the professionals.
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