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  1. I like the work, look like more cleaner but a bit too dark also
  2. 3 empire is the best option for me. But for that u need to implement a gameplay that worth to be part of an empire. The game was created for 3 empire with emperors at their heads. Territory wars, empire wars and all the others events, not many servers use these systems. What I want to say is that metin2 can also be a strategy game. Elect your emperor, go to war to get territory, make alliance with another empire to beat the most powerful Empire. But if there are only 2 Empire the game will not be as fun, that will erase all the soul of the game I think. There
  3. Thank's for your answer, I already do that. I'm using an USB to see the texture, i will contact you on discord if have any questions about this subject, thank's !
  4. I already installed this plugin: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/drivers/3dsmax-dds-plugins/ thank's for your answer and your help my bro !
  5. First of all thank u for time and your long message I can also use Max 2011 but I started with 2007 that's why ! I see the texture but do u think that will work in-game ? Thank's for your help bro !
  6. First of all, thank u for your answer and your Help plechito ! I use 3DS MAX 2007
  7. Hello all, I have a problem with using .dds files on 3DS max. When i applying a texture on my model it's work but i can't see it. screen: When I export it, that give me a non-textured model like this: If someone can help me, i would be grateful, thank's a lot !
  8. Have u found ? if not, come into my mp bro !
  9. Hello, Umodel is a project made to use models made from Unreal Engine and Aion is not. U have 2 words to write on Google to find How To do it.
  10. Finally I found a video of this system idk nobody ripped this
  11. Hello guy’s, have someone unpacked this part of the metin2 client ? A special server with a interesting JCJ system. More details: https://board.en.metin2.gameforge.com/index.php?thread/94524-pvp-event-server-battle-stations/ I can’t find video about this nowhere
  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi everyone, today i want to share with u a old set but i can't find nowhere. https://youtu.be/kmGy3R5oz58 hope u guy's will enjoy. link: https://mega.nz/file/OdoSUZBZ#MJi-hxtB9qJsfsGWxvv3KrtL7Qj6ILrQrXRpZtnPnEY virustotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/c5a9e44e05e299415176660962965e32d9a829ef70232dfdc5c45847a31d2022/detection
  13. Hello all, im actually searching this set of armor and weapon that i saw everywhere but i can't find them now. If someone have them that would be very pleasant. Thank's !!
  14. Check the animation of the model maybe
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