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  1. Maybe a bit too big for daggers but love it, good job !
  2. Thank's for your time, really appreciate !
  3. Can u resize the sword, like this: Because it seem to look like too big thank’s again for you work @ Zrye!
  4. Thank's for your work Ace, I support it like always.
  5. Thank's bro !! After a look i just noticed that isn't the original model (it's a fan made) but still good to have it. Thank's again !
  6. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hi there, i just want to share the fan made sword of the korean beta. I don't know who made this but this was firstly shared by @66Dragon99. link: [Hidden Content] The work is not completely done, if someone can help to finish the model it would be great ! Thank's guy's !
  7. I got the same problem with Noesis and I think that the problem is about your 3DS max version, which version do you use ?
  8. Alucard


    From what i remember, Shogun was contacted by gameforge and they let him choose between an lawsuit or closing the server.
  9. It's a very original and simple game at the same time. The universe was quite original back at the time, the gameplay is fun and enjoyable (one of the best in the mmorpg scene). If u give metin2 a good graphical update, the original story of the game + more classes and more possibility of customization, the game will rise again.
  10. Thank's for your work that's incredible !! I never thought of these monster designs, so sad that we can't get them now.. And that's sura picture, wow: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pqVPIjL8H7mKm9ag95YkPN6je32Sags-/view?usp=sharing
  11. After the lycan, we have the centaurus !
  12. Don't give him bad idea lmao

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