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  1. bool CHARACTER::IsAggressive() const { return IS_SET(m_pointsInstant.dwAIFlag, AIFLAG_AGGRESSIVE); } void CHARACTER::SetAggressive() { SET_BIT(m_pointsInstant.dwAIFlag, AIFLAG_AGGRESSIVE); }
  2. Refresh UP UP UP am also looking for this
  3. Yes it attacks but I guess char_battle.cpp but I don't know
  4. shop.cpp: In member function 'virtual int CShop::Buy(CHARACTER*, BYTE)': shop.cpp:241: error: 'item' was not declared in this scope shop.cpp:305: error: 'class CHARACTER' has no member named 'GetCheque' shop.cpp:310: error: 'POINT_CHEQUE' was not declared in this scope help pls
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