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  1. The Problem was special cuz my host gave me a game source with uncomp. new hack shield systems and it made bugs.
  2. Hi! Random times during killing mobs or if mob kills the player, usually players gets kick from the game and they need to relogin. Somebody can help me what can be the error and how can I fix it? I can pay for the help!! THANK YOU! CH1 Syserr: Debug Log (made after the kick): DB Syserr: Thank you for the HELP!
  3. Hi! Somewhy on new weapons can not to use the Sprit Stone Scroll why? There is a way to fix it? Thank you so much if u can help me and your time also! Have a nice day!
  4. I did it, but if Player have 0 yang then the effect is same. It's picking up the yang but not give it to the player and not saying in the chat just disappear from the land. This amount what it drops would be near 1 million yang but it not give it.
  5. Hi! When I would pickup the bigger amount's yang from the land nothing saying in the chat and not give it but from the land it disappear. Somebody know what would be the problem? Syserr and others says nothing. :l Thank you for the help!
  6. I fixed the header thing but the problem still alive. Any idea?
  7. This could be the problem? Hm, do u have any idea please how can I fix it? :/
  8. You mean when I load the client source I should click for the "Start Debugging"? But somewhy I gets the "CWebBrowser.lib" error all time if I not build it.
  9. I made the debug with Visual Studio or how do you mean this?
  10. Hi! I would like to fix one bug on my server, somewhy players gets kicks when they're trying to kill more mobs in random timings. I launched the debugger and wanted to see what's happening in it but I can not understand where is it in the LOG. The log created after the kick. Thank you for your help if u can!
  11. hey, do u know where I can find the default Hunting Quests please?
  12. Same question. Where can I find the default Hunting Quests?
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