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  1. In makefile, after BattleArena.cpp write *.cpp from offline shop system.
  2. Yeah, it sounds nice but I want to use them like normal Mounts, I mean to set the bonus from Source / Quest..
  3. Will you sell this system ?
  4. Nice, nice, good luck then
  5. Mount system - Mount like Pets - - Should I add levels? EX: Level max 50, until mount get level 25 player cant ride him -
  6. Nice, but what happen if a player leave when he's in duel?
  7. Create a query who check in player table the name of player you want, if player exist then get the account id and after this in account table update status to BLOCK. Done.
  8. Beautifulllllllllllllllllllll.. It is free ?:))
  9. Compare this IP with Player's IP and see who's using this command.. Maybe you have a BackDoor or something ;-;
  10. Nah..it doesn't look like Metin2 anymore..
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