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  1. here that solve: open thosee introcreate.py introempire.py and introselect.py later search => def Close(self): find => self.Hide() and after add => self.descriptionBox.Hide()
  2. kardeşim bende bu hatadan müzdaribim cozebildinmi 5 gün olmuş?
  3. @Denis Sensei too much thx bro i solved this problem through ur comment
  4. Hi everyone, My problem is a game core debug, i getting this screen when i try to debug my game.core and dont appear problemly file's line help me plz here is screen shoot:
  5. Hi all, My problem is a syserr, My Impressions about syser here is : 1) If anyone dont join my server during a day, i think db taking sleep mode itself cuz does not print this syser until someone joining my server. 2) Available one code in conf.txt code details=>DB_SLEEP_MSEC = 999, i did that 999 sec cuz it default value 10 sec , but still printing this error although that i changed as it value 999 3)I set server date but still printing this syserr Syser details => SYSERR: Mar 13 11:06:03 :: ChildLoop: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set
  6. i understand thx and i got more a syserr now syserr details Here is: SYSERR: Mar 13 02:17:08 :: ChildLoop: MySQL connection was reconnected. querying locale set this syserr as server side do u know that solve this syserr ?
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