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  1. Ha Ha , Ill work for you with pleasure , because my friend #Mares Ovidiu Andrei its one of your server administrator )) and I want to be in your team
  2. Well, you can add that buff by yourself. I mean, you can do anything with this quest. Thank you! I've been away for more than 6 months. People still create/play on pservers? xD I tought metin was 'dead'... Noo , it's not dead , they create more and more pservers ))
  3. Tnx alot man , its usefull for me
  4. You are the truth )) Good model , keep it working like this , ur very good
  5. Hi , I want a map 8x8 with 3 spot of empires in just 3 corners and in the center of the map a mini city under de 0 grade of terrain.To understand that i want to say to go below ground level and here with water to fall here and to create a lake. A map like Desert but 8x8 . I dont need details just the platform itself if u understand me. Thx very much for ur helping If is not a correct section please excuse me/
  6. Sorry for my reply so far , but that version is released ?
  7. OMG man , really tnx for its , i search everywhere for that quests
  8. Please write what u change to make public address
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