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  1. hi, when i make alpha channel like rgb and then delete the parts i dont want , in game the texture is tranparency any fix?
  2. Hi , i want to know how could i implement this system with buttons , i tried someting but doesnt work , cause i need to add some width , and use buttons , but there is an transparent board along inventory , and i dont know how could i put these buttons, and use the belt inventory too , but without transparent board wich can move the inventory
  3. :))))) , nice dude . BTW for the topic poster , dude test it by yourself
  4. But a fix for reset pergament , to give back the points that you put in skills 7/8
  5. yea mb , i see them in the folder but not in paint.net , but np ,
  6. what are those commas? i dont understand...
  7. i have a problem with db source, i add gaya , and cheque but when i create a character or i have one already , he;s part_main and part_base from db with no armor is 127 look and my code from db is this: queryLen = snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr), "INSERT INTO player%s " "(id, account_id, name, level, st, ht, dx, iq, " "job, voice, dir, x, y, z, " "hp, mp, random_hp, random_sp, stat_point, stamina, part_base, part_main, part_hair, part_sash, gold,gaya, cheque, playtime, " "skill_level, quickslot) " "VALUES(0, %u, '%s', %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, " "%d, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, " "%d, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, %d, 0, %d, %d, %d, %d, 0 ", GetTablePostfix(), packet->account_id, packet->player_table.name, packet->player_table.level, packet->player_table.st, packet->player_table.ht, packet->player_table.dx, packet->player_table.iq, packet->player_table.job, packet->player_table.voice, packet->player_table.dir, packet->player_table.x, packet->player_table.y, packet->player_table.z, packet->player_table.hp, packet->player_table.sp, packet->player_table.sRandomHP, packet->player_table.sRandomSP, // packet->player_table.sHorse_appearance, packet->player_table.stat_point, packet->player_table.stamina, packet->player_table.part_base, packet->player_table.part_base, packet->player_table.gold , packet->player_table.gaya #ifdef ENABLE_CHEQUE_SYSTEM ,packet->player_table.cheque #endif ); and as well when i compile it tell me , there are too many arguments for format thank you.
  8. indeed is hard to make it right but , after you will entry on character and play and use skills and etc, you'll see after reboot your playtime loke 1978412 and align too , there is a bug too , this system have some bugs indeed btw , what does the sysser client says?
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