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  1. Small things are the best , ty
  2. found it, in chat_manage const DWORD* CHARACTER_MANAGER::GetUsableSkillList(BYTE bJob, BYTE bSkillGroup) const
  3. up, the same problem, maybe someone know, tysm
  4. works so god damn good, ty so much for your time
  5. i'm still trying to resolve
  6. Version of Files : XXX Hi i have a problem with the short textes, the appendtextline align long textes and all below them, but if the first bonus or the title is shorter it doesnt align GIF here is the part of code def AppendTextLine(self, text, color = FONT_COLOR, centerAlign = True): textLine = ui.TextLine() textLine.SetParent(self) textLine.SetFontName(self.defFontName) textLine.SetPackedFontColor(color) textLine.SetText(text) textLine.SetOutline() textLine.SetFeather(False) textLine.Show() (textWidth, textHe
  7. hi, when i make alpha channel like rgb and then delete the parts i dont want , in game the texture is tranparency any fix?
  8. Hi , i want to know how could i implement this system with buttons , i tried someting but doesnt work , cause i need to add some width , and use buttons , but there is an transparent board along inventory , and i dont know how could i put these buttons, and use the belt inventory too , but without transparent board wich can move the inventory
  9. :))))) , nice dude . BTW for the topic poster , dude test it by yourself



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