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  1. I think you still use code under "tr1" namespace and this causes crash. Additionally do not use old libraries from extern. You dont need anything from extern to do game server working. libstdc++.so.6, libcxxrt.so.1 libc++.so.1 mixing of these libraries is not coool
  2. Yes. Check you msm file. You have something wrong with collision or other attribute.
  3. Additionally you can compile code in debug mode, you dont have values in variables due to optimalization. Debug can slow down you code but is really helpfull
  4. Probably youre fuckuped auth sequence by removing one of deleted functionality. Enable packet trace in client and check which packet is sended last then analyze it. You can do it by defining _PACKETDUMP in NetStream.cpp
  5. https://lldb.llvm.org/use/tutorial.html Run binary under lldb and trace it. I think using latest standard on metin2 source is not good idea due to changes in stl.
  6. IceShiva

    open .

    client extraction request are not allowed on this forum. Additionally nobody will help you without name or working client for extracting
  7. Then you need to make "retrospection". Revert all changes since last known working version and analyse changes. For futherer tips I really don't recommend technique known as "control+c + control+v" magic combo wombooo mamboo. This technique is really myopic and never does not lead to "clean tidy working game core" Cheers.
  8. Check "securitycode" in account table. Should be empty.
  9. You can install binary package by typing "pkg add cryptopp" of course if you using fresh bsd distribution
  10. good way to debug problems like yours is attach debugger do process and trace while crash. Even better solution is developping server under windows environment since you can set breakpoints in runtime using visual studio. In gdb it is also possible but little bit harder. I see many problems posted by users about pointer to no where. Nobody use this possibility for "understanding what i'm fucked up" It's really sad becouse can teach more than user replies on forum. Cheers.
  11. I don't know what to answer, but i will try. Yes.
  12. You can solve this problem by creating blacklist map which includes ip address as key and unhandled connections count as data in specific time, then define "connection threshold" if exceesed you just reject futherer connection from this ip. This mehod theoretically solve all problems with dos and other unwanded shieet. Of course all should be implemented in server source due "raw pf" is l3/4 firewall Cheers.
  13. Can you create gif or video? Will be really helpful. Additionally can you check your client on another computer? That will deduces problem with os.
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