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  1. This is not about metin2 server development, so sorry for that. I recently started to play on some private server after a long time and I found out there are still TCP connections with the foreign address "metin2mods:0" even after the client was closed. Does anyone know if there's anything bad related to it? Here's an image: https://imgur.com/qCL4Ngt
  2. The font I need is not the one used in the logo, but the one used in the game, on everything (chat, messages, item text, interface). Is there a way to get it? Or does any of you have it?
  3. Lol , thanks dude, I changed few days ago the whole folder with another one with water changed, and then wanted to change it back and forget to put it haha. But, I've found a little strange thing. (tested it now) How the program knows how water looks if special folder is missing? (tested it because I realized that in all that time, when I had no special folder the water worked perfectly)
  4. Nothing happens. My textureset isn't empty. I tried with v24 too, with release and with debug (both of them). But my problem is not that my textures aren't visible, this is just happening at 5th tab. When I select the first tab, second (with textures), third (with objects) or fourth (with enviornment) it's all ok, the textures and shadows are ok. But when I select the 5th one, my textures and shadows dissapear.
  5. Hello guys, when I want to make server_attr for a map, the textures dissapear and it looks like this : I can set block/safe zone/water etc but I cannot see the shadows and textures so it would be nearly impossible to work.
  6. Where i can set in source if I kill a mob to give something ? I don't want from drop_item.
  7. Hello, I have a problem, I've installed the exapnsion inventory and I haven't any errors, but I have a big problem.I have selected from db to block only 2 inventories, but the inventory locks appear on all slots of inventory.
  8. How can I make a quest that can start only if another quest is done? Like on oficial servers. (that per level quests that begin at level 2) Example : you get a quest at level 5 that tells you to kill something. You get another quest at level 10 that tells you to kill something, BUT you get that quest ONLY if you done the first one.
  9. Hello devs, is there any way to save a minimap without saving shadows first?
  10. Hello guys ! Does anyone of you know how to use diacritics in quests ? I want to use these : ă â ş ț î
  11. Thank you! I'll try it tomorrow, but with the special shop how can I do? I want a normal shop (like the general shop) but that use points instead of yang.
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