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  1. Moment now i send u a folder Save ur original folder and after replace with this content https://mega.nz/#!vVFElTzR!-Ba9My6WPfielNzEBWlykyKLTmg0jRprbMl75PhDCsM Try in this mode
  2. U have modificated the folder in D:\ymir work\monster\orc_lord?
  3. BaseModelFileName "season1\monster\orc_lord_e\orc_lord_e.GR2" This directory in the msm file is ok? The original directory is ymir work\monster not season1\monster
  4. In the original pack u have a .gr2 of all movment right?
  5. Send me one folder of one mob ( client side ) when no work.. I see the content
  6. Hi metin2dev, I'm not English but I don't know to resolve this problem.. i working for a new mount, i create a new skeleton for my mesh and ok, I make the msm file for attaching bone and ok, but in all mode the pg sitting is this.. I have exported the mesh in all possibile mode but nothing.. this isn't first my work but I don't know to resolve.. Can u help me?
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