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  1. I have try to delete all if IsDebugInfo: too and show information when debug is not active. Who can help me? With debug mode I can't see this information..
  2. How can I put that when I'm in debug mode with client it will show the Position of mouse (x,y) etc?
  3. Hi. I have got this crash random and I haven't got syseer, just a game.core Screen of gdb
  4. And how can I setup it for metin2?...
  5. I don't want somebody that tell me how configure it. I want know If somebody use it for Metin2 and what put for Company Name. I want know if they ask more information and when they receive a lot of money, if Paymentwall ask him how they make this money. Best regards, Places.
  6. Hi. I want use Paymentwall for payment of my website for Metin2. How Can i setup it? (Like Company Name or other things? It's safe for metin2 or not? Best Regards, Places.
  7. Can you upload it? The page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  8. Hi. I need locale_string Hungary Can somebody share it?
  9. Hi. Who can share here locale.lua FR/EN/DE/RO and locale string fr?
  10. He post the code. Now if you have got 5+ inventory, code it by yourself ahaha
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