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  1. Imho one of the best artist. Very good contact and doing his job very well. Highly recommended.
  3. update your devil.dll in client.
  4. Make sure you load items in every windows. ClientManagerPlayer.cpp #ifdef ENABLE_SPECIAL_STORAGE snprintf(queryStr, sizeof(queryStr), "SELECT id,window+0,pos,count,vnum,socket0,socket1,socket2,attrtype0,attrvalue0,attrtype1,attrvalue1,attrtype2,attrvalue2,attrtype3,attrvalue3,attrtype4,attrvalue4,attrtype5,attrvalue5,attrtype6,attrvalue6 " "FROM item%s WHERE owner_id=%d AND (window in ('INVENTORY','EQUIPMENT','DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY','BELT_INVENTORY','UPGRADE_INVENTORY','BOOK_INVENTORY','STONE_INVENTORY'))", GetTablePostfix(), packet->player_id); #else snprintf(query
  5. Then use directive properly. case INVENTORY: case DRAGON_SOUL_INVENTORY: #ifdef ENABLE_SPECIAL_STORAGE case UPGRADE_INVENTORY: case BOOK_INVENTORY: case STONE_INVENTORY: #endif item->AddToCharacter(ch, TItemPos(p->window, p->pos)); break;
  6. Hi even if i include grid.h i havent got pGroup->GetGroupSize() function, can someone share it?
  7. @avertuss Which mob_scale do you use? Can u link it?
  8. Hello i have added an Okey Cards event everything is ok but i have one small problem. After plaing okey cards game when i click on the quest scroll the quest's text isnt disappearing... :c It looks like that: How can i fix it? :c
  9. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Hello today i created a new dungeon map based on dawnmistwood zone and textures. To make this map work u need: property and zone of dawnmistwood dungeon ( new forest map ). You can find it on forum i wont upload it because this models are not mine. Hope u like it. https://mega.nz/file/bqJixIDC#UqAEq60PQg0oUGEvEovqaKGfH1vPCn9X2TWswqtwdzc
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