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  1. I have a problem, everything is added withotu syserr, perfect compiled but when i click "Destroy" nothing happends...
  2. For those of you who have problem finding the Effects ( like i did searching for them about one day where they are) Just search for .pre files in explorer in the unpacked client and copy all them in a new folder "Effect" in Property folder!
  3. Oh my god those are so beautiful, i love the shaman!
  4. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) Title say it's all. Virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/1f5ac4fed23d1d079bb273302744fd665520b3fd47f5901f278ba82cca4dc249/detection Download: https://mega.nz/#!XZYzlD5K!sl1XJrbNCRapecI7k-HOnT7DoDqgxfKuuoJfjY_3C6o Glad i could help.
  5. Here you go. https://we.tl/vAZxJcyXyt
  6. Hi guys, today i'm gonna show you how to reset a root password usualy as a .vdi FreeBSD x.x doesen't depend actually wich version because those are default commands initialy launched from the begining of FreeBSD. I am not sure if this is posted somewhere if yes, please excuse me, so let's move on. First thing, when starting the .vdi at the loader screen choose Single User Mode, in my case this is sortet as option number 2 so after pressing 2 the FreeBSD is loading a bunch of codes and we have to wait a little. The number where the Single User Mode is set can be different
  7. You are mising libs, daaa.
  8. Great work! Maybe the "Confirm" button should be "Play" and a little bigger but that's only what i had to say, it's perfect!
  9. This is awesome! It's not perfect yet, animation's are a bit "lite" but you are going in the right direction! Don't give up this is great!
  10. Those are incrredible, thank's a lot!
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