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  1. About me: I have been in domain since 2015, I can handle C ++, Python and LUA, I can make custom systems or modifications, it depends on how much work there is, I don't have enough free time for big systems. Here are a few things that I can sell:
  2. not working for me, i have error "return is not defined"
  3. You don't need to post another example, I just gaved you one directly from the game.
  4. no, the problem is that memcmp must not be used to compare item socket ..
  5. by the way memcmp it's not for comparing item socket sadly ..
  6. Where is the memory leak exactly ? There are just 2 LPITEM pointers entering in the function arguments, there is no "new" operator there .. Maybe you were reffering to the memory leak of the blend item load function.
  7. if (inv_item->GetType() == ITEM_BLEND && inv_item->GetVnum() == item->GetVnum()) { if (inv_item->GetCount() + item->GetCount() <= ITEM_MAX_COUNT && FN_compare_item_socket(inv_item, item)) { inv_item->SetCount(inv_item->GetCount() + item->GetCount()); return inv_item; } }
  8. Literally the worst fix ever void LogManager::ShoutLog(const char * pszName, const char * pszText) { m_sql.EscapeString(__escape_hint, sizeof(__escape_hint), pszText, strlen(pszText)); // bla bla bla }
  9. It's logic, they are set for the oldtimes when the hardware were not so advanced and very expensive and also ymir paranoia
  10. Nice design, great work. I like it. Here is the color code for your ThinBoard class, I noticed it is a little difference between the sides and the center. BOARD_COLOR = grp.GenerateColor(float(23)/255.0, float(23)/255.0, float(23)/255.0, 0.65) Your welcome.
  11. I fixed it by adding IsStone check. void CNetworkActorManager::__RemoveDynamicActors() { //copy it std::vector<DWORD> dwCharacterVIDList; CPythonCharacterManager& rkChrMgr=CPythonCharacterManager::Instance(); for(CPythonCharacterManager::CharacterIterator i = rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceBegin(); i!=rkChrMgr.CharacterInstanceEnd(); ++i) { dwCharacterVIDList.push_back( (*i)->GetVirtualID() ); } for( int i = 0; i < dwCharacterVIDList.size(); ++i ) { CInstanceBase* pkInstEach = rkChrMgr.GetInstancePtr(dwCharacterVIDList[i]); if(!pkInstEach) continue; CAct
  12. The bug is caused by metin stones(their effects maybe). Edit: Their effect is not the problem, its actually from monster/metinstone_01.GR2 EDIT2: I tried to use another model (metinstone_10.GR2) and still the same, in conclusion the problem is deeper.
  13. If I remember correctly, the select doesn't work on login, just with a timer.
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