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  1. oxyz


    @OP, here is the command, everybody should be able to do some copy/paste to do the python part, you don't need to feed hungry Romanians. https://pastebin.com/raw/zNFvCVsr
  2. Check the file "CMD" in your channel's folder, it probably has shutdown DISABLE.
  3. Hi, Can you edit the amount of HP you regen with Sun Elixir and Moon Elixir (SP) ? Or, the time that it takes to regen? Thanks
  4. Are you posting it to the public or selling it?
  5. I managed to compile the mob_proto and launch client sucessfuly. Although, now im facing this problem with some monsters: Black texture for some reason. Again, im willing to pay if someone can fix me this.
  6. Can you explain like im 5? I really didn't got you :/
  7. I compiled mob_proto.txt & mob_names.txt to mob_proto (client) with Dump_Proto and this is happening. Im paying for a solution, thanks
  8. oxyz

    Trade Bug

    Here is my CheckSpace() function:
  9. oxyz

    Trade Bug

    I appreciate that! What happens if you try to trade with someone that has inventory full?
  10. oxyz

    Trade Bug

    I've been searching for a while without success either. If you find something, let me know
  11. oxyz

    Trade Bug

    Is there a fix for it? I know servers that don't hjave this problem.
  12. Hi, i have a bug that happens when someone trades with another player. Let's say that player A has inventory full and starts trading with player B. The player B will get all the items involved in the trade because Player A can't receive it due to having inventory full.
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