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  1. hey, a simply question. how can i look like : that all items look like this in chat: so for example, i will Post a Mount and everyone can click on this to show the text or boni or else hope you can help me
  2. i can not recommended him. very bad support, unfriendly and arrogant he do not answer for a long time after i pay him and so on. i can write a book.. please do not buy from him!
  3. you know how can i do this? or what i have to change in the src?
  4. Hello, i know the bug is a littlebit old but i would like to fix that. But i dont know how, i have try all in the src, but nothing helps... When you are in group, and the character that attacks the metin stone dies, the mobs dont attack automaticly the other chars or groupmember, and if i start attack the metin with another char, the spawned mobs are also not aggressive Can anyone help me pls?
  5. Hello, i have a problem with Exorcism Scroll and Concentrated Reading. If I unstack a stack of 20, I can not trade 1 stack but the other yet. I have been told that it is due to a python file in the root folder
  6. Hi Id like to set up in the Src Player exp and Pet exp over txt // START_OF_Player_EXP_TABLE_LOADING string temp_exp_line; char szExpTable[256]; snprintf(szExpTable, sizeof(szExpTable), "%s/exp.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); ifstream exp_table_open(szExpTable); if (!exp_table_open.is_open()) { fprintf(stderr, "Failed to Load ExpTable from %s/exp.txt\n", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); sys_err("Failed to Load ExpTable from %s/exp.txt", LocaleService_GetBasePath().c_str()); return 0; } int exp_table_counter = 0; while (!exp_table_open.eof()) { exp_table
  7. German: Ich suche eine cube.txt und/bzw alles was mit der Veredlung/Trankherstellung die DE Like ist English: i search a DE Like cube.txt and/or Refining / Potion production. NPC Name for prod. : Yu-Hwan
  8. have you a picture? i dont know what y mean
  9. brain.exe the prob in the refine proto is 19 :S
  10. yeah. the prob is every 100%. in the cpp is 60% else if (pkItemScroll->GetValue(0) == BDRAGON_SCROLL) { success_prob = 65; szRefineType = "BDRAGON_SCROLL"; ingame is the prob 100
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