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  1. Solved thanks to Klaus arigato Find: void CQuestManager::Kill(unsigned int pc, unsigned int npc) Replace whole function with: void CQuestManager::Kill(unsigned int pc, unsigned int npc) { //m_CurrentNPCRace = npc; PC * pPC; sys_log(0, "CQuestManager::Kill QUEST_KILL_EVENT (pc=%d, npc=%d)", pc, npc); if ((pPC = GetPC(pc))) { if (!CheckQuestLoaded(pPC)) return; /* [hyo] ¸÷ kill½Ã Áߺ¹ Ä«¿îÆà À̽´ °ü·ÃÇÑ ¼öÁ¤»çÇ× quest script¿¡ when 171.kill begin ... µîÀÇ ÄÚµå·Î ÀÎÇÏ¿© ½ºÅ©¸³Æ®°¡ 󸮵Ǿú´õ¶óµµ ¹Ù·Î returnÇÏÁö ¾Ê°í ´Ù¸¥ °Ë»çµµ ¼öÇàÇϵµ·Ï º¯°æÇÔ. (2011/07/21) */ // kill call script if (npc >= MAIN_RACE_MAX_NUM) //@fixme109 m_mapNPC[npc].OnKill(*pPC); //@warme004 m_mapNPC[QUEST_NO_NPC].OnKill(*pPC); } else sys_err("QUEST: no such pc id : %d", pc); } THX once mpre Klaus
  2. Hello there can someone help me with function npc.is_pc() im always getting response 2 times i found a fix but that fixed just for pvp thx for help
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