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  1. Same problem here. I'm waiting for answers!
  2. Finally i found it. at the client source: InstanceBase.cpp find this: bool CInstanceBase::IsAttackableInstance(CInstanceBase& rkInstVictim) and after if (GetVirtualID() == rkInstVictim.GetVirtualID()) return false; put this two lines: if (IAbstractPlayer::GetSingleton().IsSamePartyMember(GetVirtualID(), rkInstVictim.GetVirtualID())) return false; Hope it will help for all, who want to make the same feature!
  3. int iIndex; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 0, &iIndex)) return Py_BadArgument(); but you can start to find the problem's reason. This condition says that you want to use a bad argument in the slots (it's a handling problem). If i were you, i'd check the system from the start point. f. e. everywhere has the shop array the same size. can the items pass into the slots etc. I don't use this system, but if you attach the release we can debug it
  4. in the comments there is a .py code for help for the syserrs. maybe also helps to you.
  5. maybe check your client item_proto, or item_list.txt maybe you call the icons from a wrong place
  6. do you have these item vnums in your proto, on serverside?
  7. can you tell me a little closer information Denis Sensei?
  8. it's working, i can't take damage for the grouped mate. Is there any solution to avoid the attack? for example if i write a run, it's embrassing when the hit away each others by the way thanks your help, i'm very glad
  9. i take damage. That's funny But thanks the replies.
  10. ... if (pkVictim->GetParty() && pkVictim->GetParty() == pkChr->GetParty()) { if (pkChr->GetEmpire() != pkVictim->GetEmpire()) return false; // Cannot attack same party on any pvp model } else { if (pkVictim->IsKillerMode()) { return true; } if (pkChr->GetAlignment() < 0 && pkVictim->GetAlignment() >= 0) { if (g_protectNormalPlayer) { // ąüąýŔÚ´Â ĆňČ­¸đµĺŔÎ ÂřÇŃ»ç¶÷Ŕ» °ř°Ý
  11. it's not solved my problem. i can still hit each other. :/
  12. if (pkVictim->GetParty() && pkVictim->GetParty() == pkChr->GetParty()) { return false; // Cannot attack same party on any pvp model } i found this condition that place, if i'm right, it should have block hurt others, but the problem still alive.
  13. Hy community, I'm working on to make party between different empires. Now i can make the group, but different empire charaters in the group can hurt each others in the group, I hope you can suggest me a solution for this. Thanks
  14. Hello community! I made a 2x2 map, but sometimes the server makes the client kicked. with some syslog line: SECTREE DIFFER: Admin 221x346 was 221x345 I hope you can give me some advice! Thanks Have a nice day sometimes get kicked from map with this syserr: Sync: cannot find tree at -2147483648 -2147483648 (name: Admin)
  15. Hello everyone! I would like to know, how can i handle / create an is_open_safebox() function. If i have to write into the source, please tell me, how. I don't know the relation questfunctions.lua with source implementations. Thanks!
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