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  1. There is a chance of success. Did u tried several times or just once?
  2. Most of the players ignore the bugs but they quite just because of this. It’s frustrating i feel you. I feel all players and i hope there is a good dev here to end this.
  3. Or it’s attached to the wrong bone in playersettingsmodule.py. Try Bip01 Neck instead.
  4. Just skip the quest mate it’s just useless.
  5. Just use the code posted by me is easier if you have missing parts.
  6. Thanks for sharing the fix buddy
  7. At least give it a try
  8. That is what Penger said just above. It’s not a scale.
  9. Apparently you need to select the job first (skills) and then you can use them. https://gyazo.com/d1ce321997d20ad2d7724efdf4399bd0
  10. Yep ... there really is a problem :-s https://gyazo.com/69965fee9b78244e3d7b92de97b0db55 Edit: Even with a 100% chance of reading is still not working. https://gyazo.com/f914a7496af1481ded2fa4a954c71848 At least we know the problem doesn't come from char_item.cpp.
  11. So there is a problem when you are part of shinsoo empire and read the books or? I didn't get it right.
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