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  1. Apparently you need to select the job first (skills) and then you can use them. https://gyazo.com/d1ce321997d20ad2d7724efdf4399bd0
  2. Yep ... there really is a problem :-s https://gyazo.com/69965fee9b78244e3d7b92de97b0db55 Edit: Even with a 100% chance of reading is still not working. https://gyazo.com/f914a7496af1481ded2fa4a954c71848 At least we know the problem doesn't come from char_item.cpp.
  3. So there is a problem when you are part of shinsoo empire and read the books or? I didn't get it right.
  4. The thing is the exorcism scroll doesn’t increase the chance of reading. You need to use concentrate reading too (39030).
  5. Nice one mate! I made it like this: https://gyazo.com/85eb0a3522775a0cd98c90b2dcb54b42 if i == 0: if getItemVNum(slotNumber): self.wndEquip.ActivateSlot(slotNumber, 248, 243, 82, 1.0) else: self.wndEquip.DeactivateSlot(slotNumber)
  6. self.AppendTextLine("|Eemoji/key_rclick|e - Use")
  7. Everything working great as it should! Thanks alot xP3NG3Rx! https://gyazo.com/c8851ba0f9e8446a7975bcf3d052ee55
  8. Could you check skype please pal :D

    1. .plechito'


      Sorry, im finishing my new dungeon, it's almost done, im like zombie last few days :D


  9. I have them on toggle to avoid this but thanks for posting it
  10. Fixing a 0.3 sec delay is really helping alot. Here is mine without fk all. https://gyazo.com/51b5c81e7d83eefece425dbd5c2bb619
  11. I see you have the aura equipped but no effect. Is that the full version with scale like official?
  12. Fun fact: sometimes it happens because the connection is weak.
  13. It's strange, i don't have this bug at all. https://i.gyazo.com/0ba495e4ed8bc2472d3c7608d797f8f1.mp4
  14. There is no random chance It depends on the item +. For example a battle sword+7 has a 5% of succes when a battle sword+8 has a 20% and so on. The image on wiki has been edited to be more user friendly because the chance of success is actually on the category dropdown tree as you can see in my picture above.
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