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  1. DO NOT use that launcher or you will cry (just saying).
  2. I saw this feature on a romanian private server. To avoid the spam you could do a countdown timer to disable the button for 10 seconds or whatever. Demo: https://gyazo.com/c13c9a687d5f4885154b692c0b384c76 uiinventory.py: self.wndBeltInventoryLayer = None self.wndBeltInventorySlot = None self.expandBtn = None self.minBtn = None ##activateall self.UseItemBelt = None self.expandBtn = self.GetChild("ExpandBtn") self.minBtn = self.GetChild("MinimizeBtn") ##activateall self.UseItemBelt = self.GetChild("UseBeltItemsButton") self.expandBtn.
  3. Set the last number to 9 in the vnum and socket 3.
  4. You’ll need to check the empty space too before using the sex change item.
  5. Check if the affect is active then return. char_item.cpp: example: case APPLY_ATT_SPEED: if (FindAffect(AFFECT_ATT_SPEED, POINT_ATT_SPEED)) { ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, LC_TEXT("이미 효과가 걸려 있습니다.")); return false; } else { AddAffect(AFFECT_ATT_SPEED, POINT_ATT_SPEED, item->GetValue(2), AFF_ATT_SPEED_POTION, item->GetValue(1), 0, true); #ifdef ENABLE_EFFECT_EXTRAPOT EffectPacket(SE_SPEEDUP_GREEN); #endif } break;
  6. In your head i should’ve begged you yo answer and not go to somebody else. Who do you think you are mate? Ofc i look for somebody else if you don’t answer. I didn’t even knew him 4 years ago when i messaged you.
  7. Better sit and think about how to be polite with your customers instead of blaming. All i had to say. Have a nice day senpai.
  8. I just said above i had to buy from him because you didn’t answer. Let’s ban Penger for reversing the code. Let’s ban Vegas because he uses py/lua/c++. Let’s ban everybody because you can’t grow up.
  9. I’ve contacted you long ago for a DT run on skype you never answered that’s why i had to buy from Braxy instead. You are acting like you wrote LUA yourself. If he gets banned here i’m glad to be banned too. Trying to make somebody looks bad just because you have a bad atitude isn’t right. He wrote custom quests via anydesk in my pc you can’t call him a reseller. You can’t just sit and wait for 1500€ quests and refuse all the small ones because you think you are too “majestic” to do a 50€ job. You are acting like a kid now for real. You should be aware LUA is a programming language open to anyo
  10. it's not fat just fluffy lovely mount mate gg
  11. I think they got different sizes for each resolution. It’s the same for everybody. Even official server. You could try that.
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