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  1. thank you really much, you dont even know how long i was searching for a fix
  2. will this work also for wind shoes and thief gloves?
  3. Hi guys im searching for a fix that removes only one item from stack: i have 20 experience rings in stack when i use one it use all 20 i want to make it automaticly remove and wear one of them and keep rest in eq. can somewon help me?
  4. Hi guys can somewon say me how to make system for saving position. I want make teleport saving system when i click one of 4 button i can save actuall position and chose name for that teleport. Can somewon show me how to make that? Soory for my english
  5. can you show me correct blend.txt and correct values/types please?
  6. how to run those files on freebsd 11.0 which ports i should install? gmake is no more supported? how to resolve that problem?
  7. Hi guys, im writting becouse i have a problem, i'm searchinf for tex position in quests i talk about X and Y my quest window is pretty big but my text goes too much on left (maybe 30 px ) so text doesnt show on mid quest background but more on left. Soory really for my english i hope somewon can help me really thank you <3
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