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  1. Delete everything from the quest/object folder and rebuild all quests again.
  2. I am trying to block the score count of the guild war if a victim is killed with the same ip as the killer. I tried to add these lines to these two files but it still counts a kill if i kill my character. guild_manager.cpp void CGuildManager::Kill(LPCHARACTER killer, LPCHARACTER victim) { if (killer->GetDesc()->GetHostName() == victim->GetDesc()->GetHostName()) return; war_map.cpp void CWarMap::OnKill(LPCHARACTER killer, LPCHARACTER ch) { if (m_bEnded) return; if (killer->GetDesc()->GetHostName() == ch->GetDesc()->GetHostName()) return; Wh
  3. i also have this problem.. #bring up this post
  4. So this hack is quite a problem and i was wondering how would i prevent it. Does changing the function names in the client source prevent this? I did try to change most of all Attack functions but still no success. What should i do to prevent this hack without having to create a remote thread to find injected dlls?
  5. sure, thats easy but... how would you change the senders name to [SERVER]? net.SendWhisperPacket(self.targetName, text) bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendWhisperPacket(const char * name, const char * c_szChat) { if (strlen(c_szChat) >= 255) return true; int iTextLen = strlen(c_szChat) + 1; TPacketCGWhisper WhisperPacket; WhisperPacket.bHeader = HEADER_CG_WHISPER; WhisperPacket.wSize = sizeof(WhisperPacket) + iTextLen; strncpy(WhisperPacket.szNameTo, name, sizeof(WhisperPacket.szNameTo) - 1); if (!Send(sizeof(WhisperPacket), &WhisperPacket)) return false; if (!Send(iTe
  6. So, i like to keep myself updated and i was wondering if it is possible to use visual studio 2017 to compile the Metin2 client. Can i use the same external folder for the libraries? What do i have to change in order to make it compilable in vs2017? Just to note, i have tried once to compile the source code in vs2017 but there were errors such as windows 8.1 sdk not found so i installed it to vs2017 but still there were erros and i gave up. Any experts on migrating from vs versions?
  7. Curious, how does one perform an SQL Injection with this function?
  8. Hello comunity, i noticed that some servers, mainly Rubinum, has a system created by Vegas which you recieve a PM from the Server. I really liked this ideia and i would really like to add this feature to my server, My question is if, is it possible to do it from the quest functions? If so, how? game.send_pm(name, buffer)? Hmm maybe modifying the CInputMain::Whisper from input_main.cpp but how would i trigger it from the quests? And the name "SERVER" maybe in packet.h? char szNameFrom[CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN + 1];
  9. This problem that you are facing acually has to do with the speed of your machine. If you say that all the other cores do not show any errors then asuming that the database starts first from the start script, you should use a sleep delay after the core startup, for example, ./db & sleep 2.
  10. char_battle.cpp // °ÔÀÓ³» ±âº» Á¦°øµÇ´Â °æÇèÄ¡ º¸³Ê½º { // ³ëµ¿Àý ¸Þ´Þ if (to->IsEquipUniqueItem(UNIQUE_ITEM_LARBOR_MEDAL)) iExp += iExp * 20 /100; // »ç±ÍŸ¿ö °æÇèÄ¡ º¸³Ê½º if (to->GetMapIndex() >= 660000 && to->GetMapIndex() < 670000) iExp += iExp * 20 / 100; // 1.2¹è (20%) // ¾ÆÀÌÅÛ °æÇèÄ¡ µÎ¹è ¼Ó¼º if (to->GetPoint(POINT_EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS)) if (number(1, 100) <= to->GetPoint(POINT_EXP_DOUBLE_BONUS)) iExp += iExp * 30 / 100; // 1.3¹è (30%) // °æÇèÀÇ ¹ÝÁö (2½Ã°£Â¥¸®) if (to->IsEquipUniqueItem(UNIQUE_ITEM_DOUBLE_EXP)
  11. BUTP I also have this problem and tried to reinstall everything again very carefully but still the client crashes on introselect or introcreate. Client syserr is clean and game syserr doesn't show any error related to the problem. Does anyone have a clue where the problem may be comming from? #rip
  12. My question: "When i mount it shows the npc/mount but it dismounts the character right away. Any solutions?" #Edit1 So i have been looking around the code and found out that the costume mount was beeing called 2 times when used, "i guess", so i removed some lines in char_item.cpp Fix: char_item.cpp Search: if (COSTUME_MOUNT == item->GetSubType()) { quest::CQuestManager::instance().UseItem(GetPlayerID(), item, false); } Replace with: /* if (COSTUME_MOUNT == item->GetSubType()) { quest::CQuestManager::instance().UseItem(GetPlayerID(), item, fals
  13. So official servers got an update which was a the steam_api dll. What's that all about? Metin2 on steam? Does anyone have any clue what the purpose of the dll is for the client? http://patchfast.metin2.de/m2_17.2.2_21369/crclist f55f225e 217376 30588285 44272640 steam_api.dll
  14. Is there a way to reopen the server after the command 'shutdown'? Does my account id need a value in some row? I was curious and added value '1' to 'is_testor' but there was no way to login...
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