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  1. Quick general information Maximum level: 50 Maximum stats: 90 Server type: Middleschool (NEW/OLD) Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AngoniusReborn/ Release date: Coming soon !Our server presentation here!
  2. Hello. So i recently downloaded the Sanchez patcher and compiled it. On my pc it says nothing but when other people download it it shows this: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1ec5b8a24ef068c33dac934b823aa2c8f643eee4a6dbd9d959116ae7fcae091b/detection Is there a way to solve this problem? I can't deliver the patcher to people if windows deletes it... But from what i saw in code there shouldn't be any.
  3. There should be some variable regarding the way the experience bar is beeing filled. I don't know the exact file where to change it... Once i get home from work i will tell you the exact thing and how to edit it.
  4. Hey, look for the folder intrologin in locale or etc.. There should be something if i remember correctly. Or check the .py file for login screen and look for background.
  5. So as title says i have a problem with this patcher I downloaded it and tryed it out. At first it worked fine, all as it should be but then i saw taht it's redownloading every single file that i add. Even though i haven't changed a single thing. I tryed the MD5 solution that someone suggested in comments. Didn't work either. Any ideas how to solve this? Thx a lot.
  6. anyone? help please I am desperate at this point.
  7. quest test begin state start begin when login begin if pc.getqf("test_weapon") == 0 then pc.setqf("test_weapon", 1) if pc.job == 0 then pc.give_item2(10) elseif pc.job == 1 then pc.give_item2(1000) elseif pc.job == 2 then pc.give_item2(10) elseif pc.job == 3 then pc.give_item2(7000) end say_title("Probuzení ") say_color("black","text") say_color("black","text") say_color("black","text") wait() say_title("Mimochodem") say_color("black","text"..pc.get_name.."!") say_color("black","tex
  8. Thx a lot for answer. It didn't solved my problem but i will definetly use this system for something else I guess i will jsut close this and find another way around.
  9. Soo.. I just dived into quest writing. It's not a hard thing i got a few languages already behind me but... Here i don't know what to do it's propably some LUA thing of metin. So first problem: second problem: Thx for answers and suggestions
  10. wow thx for this... really tought me something Are you going to do by any chance more of those tutorials? It would be sooo great.
  11. Hey, i just need to ask. Is there some way of telling monsters where to stay or where not to go? Cuz i have let's say wild dog on my map. He will bemoving as normal no problem here buut it can happen that he will jsut go to the mountains where player can't go aaand you can't kill him. So questeion is. Is there some way (i believe there is) to tell to mobs where they can and where they can't go? Thx a lot for answer.
  12. I fixed everything now... I guess that guards are different kinds of nps... not sure how to work with them. When i used attributes that are same for like vendor everything looks fine rn. Thx for help and effort anyway.
  13. ok so i chanced the number from 35000 to 11118 whitch is right after the oter npc guards... still no succes it's till runnig around tagged like a mob
  14. Hello, So today i woke up and i finally decided that it's time to do some NPC work. Soo i started with and idea of adding my npc (same model as normal guard), shouldn't be hard i tought. Well i copy pasted 11004 npc and added it on the end of mob_proto with id 35000 then i added 35000 npc to mob_names.txt then i copy pasted 11004 line in npc_list inside of root and changed vnum to 35000 then i opened db and copypasted 11004 npc line added to the end of db and changed vnum to 35000 Sooo this sould be it right? I packed everythig and started the game. Then i tr
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