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  1. Is the same map, and T1 and T2 is for the empire war
  2. The map don't work on "Arena" mode, but on "Normal" mode work good... EDIT: My ch99 have only 19 maps
  3. SYSERR: Jul 20 20:57:32 :: Entergame: !GetMovablePosition (name Python 32000x0 map 110 changed to 44800x12800) Same error... Is the only sysser... And it appear when i make /warp 320 0
  4. UPDATE: I get this sysser: Entergame: !GetMovablePosition (name Python 57600x0 map 111 changed to 70400x12800) Entergame: !GetMovablePosition (name Python 32000x0 map 110 changed to 44800x12800) I compare all files with other files and is the same, all is be right I do / warp 368 52 and it teleports me but it takes me off the map and takes me to the city
  5. I already had those too i will try it didn't work for me
  6. The quest are the same of all serverfiles... and the coordinates are the ones that come in all the serverfiles as well
  7. Good morning friends, I have a problem with guild wars, when doing battle with the first mode the following happens: 1- I do not get the mission to enter, I must teleport to appear, yes, the quest exists and has the correct name "guild_join_war.quest" something like that. 2- By clicking on the mission (when it finally appears), I give it "teleport" and it does nothing. 3- Yes, I have the maps in game99 (110 and 111). 4- I checked the "guild" files from the source with another binary and everything is exactly the same. Any idea what it could be? I don't mind what happens in the first point... The real problem is in the second point It should be noted that in the other modes (arena and flags) if it teleports me (Translate by google)
  8. I have a problem when selling items, after slot 255, only one item is sold, no matter how much I have, only one is sold... Before slot 255 everything is sold correctly I tried to debug and the client (Python) gets the information correctly, slot number and item quantity but nevertheless on the server (input_main) only reaches the information of the slot and not the count, only a 0 or a 1 arrives. Explanatory image (I dont know how put it in the post): Imagen case SHOP_SUBHEADER_CG_SELL2: (Input_main) bool CPythonNetworkStream::SendShopSellPacketNew(UINT bySlot, BYTE byCount): (PythonNetworkPhaseGameItem.cpp)
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