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  1. Hello Goodjob and nice work Please reload the upload link .. because it does not work for me
  2. Hi Everyone i've added The Official Cheque System (Won) everything as fine but when i replace 100million yang with 1 won still my won {0} and the mysql table still 0 too Client ssyser if any one have the mysql part + quest please upload it and i'll be thanksful
  3. when i move the key to unlock to inventory i got nothing !!!!!!
  4. the problem in line 1035 how i can fix it !!!!
  5. Hi Everyone i've added the new sash system to my client witch have the official item_scale but i have one little problem when i compile the binary i got this one error this is my PythonSlotWindow.cpp
  6. i don't think so there's something i did it wrong or i forgote to add it in my source so !! that's why i have this problem
  7. no no it's work perfectly but sometime's when i do restart to my server not every time this problem shows
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