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  1. Damn, what is wrong? I give solutions for people, and i'm wrong? I was want to say: "You, they, them find this "exploit" with illumina.", a lot a people what have illumina have this function in onupdate :D. I know, is not related with topic, but from where they find this. I was want to say "this is not exploit", and need to change name title, you create confusion ugly for owner's. Exist a lot a things like this if you run on onupdate functions what sended packet, so this informations is not new. ^^ #english #shit
  2. So what is so hard to fix? make a timer global from server and not give permission to do something when current timer is < then global timer. Also people was used this net.SendGuildPostCommentPacket in OnUpdate for illumina, because not was make good refresh.
  3. This is not "exploit", already exist more things like this on communication with packets clientside-serverside, some mistakes from ymir to check something. But make a small check for arguments what was sended, and "exploit" is fixed in 3 lines. std::string str = argument before sended #define MAX_LEN 50 unsigned size; // Choice method to calculation size size = str.size(); size = str.length(); size = strlen(str.c_str()); // Method 1 if (size > MAX_LEN) return false; // Method 2 if (size > MAX_LEN) { str.resize(MAX_LEN); ch->ChatPacket(CHAT_TYPE_INFO, "std::string str = %s", str.c_str()); }
  4. Yes, you have true, something like this (not tested): if str(self.targetName)[0] == "[": # Do something, show a image(logo), change color from name etc.
  5. That is so funny and really nice idea, good point. @Great If you already have finished, send me a pm with link client, i will test.
  6. I dont know where you live, but i think in all country exist "tv", and as you can see on all programs speak about christmas and he played a lot a songs for christmas, and also on radio etc. If you live in a cave that's another story, let people enjoy the spirit of Christmas, nobody cares about your opinion on Christmas.Christmas is for everyone, and everyone enjoys it when he wants, you do not like, just have to ignore it and play Metin2 as obsessed. Merry Christmas.
  7. You could do much easier tutorial, such as, for people tot understand: @//Add on /common/service.h #define ENABLE_COORDINATES_ON_COMMAND_USER @//1.) Search: int len = snprintf(str + str_len, sizeof(str) - str_len, "%-16s ", d->GetCharacter()->GetName()); @//2.) Replace with: #ifdef ENABLE_COORDINATES_ON_COMMAND_USER TMapSetting& map_setting = SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(d->GetCharacter()->GetMapIndex())->m_setting; int len = snprintf(str + str_len, sizeof(str) - str_len, "%s (%ld,%ld)%-16s", d->GetCharacter()->GetName(),(d->GetCharacter()->GetX() - map_setting.iBaseX)/100,(d->GetCharacter()->GetY() - map_setting.iBaseY)/100,""); #else int len = snprintf(str + str_len, sizeof(str) - str_len, "%-16s ", d->GetCharacter()->GetName()); #endif Good release, thanks.
  8. In my country all people do that now on tv and all listen these songs.
  9. Class Button have arguments to SetText for button, so this is: self.btnHorse = self.GetChild("buttonHorse") self.btnHorse.SetEvent(self.RecvSummon) self.used = 0 def AppendTextLine(self, token): if token == 1: self.btnHorse.SetText("Summon") else: self.btnHorse.SetText("UnSummon") def RecvSummon(self): if self.used == 0: net.SendPacketHorseSummon() self.AppendTextLine(2) self.used = 1 elif self.used == 1: net.SendPacketHorseUnSummon() self.AppendTextLine(1) self.used = 0
  10. There is not perfect security due to brute-force and social engineering, but most standards for security and encryption are so close to unbreakable that people think of them that way. The threshold for a perfectly secure system is that a computationally unbounded adversary cannot conclude anything about the plaintext from the ciphertext. With a public-key system, the attacker can try to encrypt messages with the real public key; this is not possible with one-time pads. What the attacker can do, quite simply, is to try all one-bit messages, then all two-bit messages, then all three-bit messages, etc., looking for a matching ciphertext. Now, a public-key encryption algorithm may involve some randomness. The way to handle this is to try all possible outputs of the random number generator. You can make an algorithm Check(c,k,m,r)Check(c,k,m,r), where cc is the known ciphertext, kk the known public key, mm the guessed message, and rr is a string of bits. This runs the public-key algorithm with key kk on message mm. Where the algorithm needs a random bit, it takes the first unused bit of rr (so it starts with the first bit, then the second, etc.), so the algorithm becomes deterministic. If all the bits of rr have been used and it needs another random bit, or if the encryption completes and the generated ciphertext does not match cc, it returns False; if the encryption completes and the ciphertext matches cc, it returns True. You can then run CheckCheck with 1-bit mm and 1-bit rr, then 1-bit mm and 2-bit rr, then 2-bit mm and 1-bit rr, then 3 and 1, then 2 and 2, then 1 and 3, etc. (i.e. the sum of the lengths of mm and rr is two, then three, then four, etc.) This will terminate with CheckCheckreturning True; when it does, you know what mm is. Good luck.
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