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  1. when i add this system i cant see normal arrows and skill's arrows. could you help?
  2. this is my first login to game. and the skill number is the first skill of the ninja. when i try to login with warrior, it will be 1.
  3. Hi devs, When i wanted to login to game, after loading screen game crashes. Syserr: 0912 20:36:42563 :: SYSERR: game.py(line:160) Open game.py(line:508) StartGame game.py(line:645) RefreshCharacter interfaceModule.py(line:624) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1046) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1102) __SelectSkillGroup uiCharacter.py(line:1088) __SetSkillSlotData uiCharacter.py(line:831) RefreshSkill uiCharacter.py(line:772) __RefreshSkillPage uiCharacter.py(line:1139) __GetRealSkillSlot GameWindow.Open - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:skill.CanUseSkill - Fai
  4. hi devs I wanted to build my game with gcc8 and i upgraded crytopp, boots to last version. But i get linking error. I compiled cryptopp with gcc8 again and again. I also tried with pkg and used default cryptopp lib but always errors are there. This is my makefike: This are errors.
  5. I fixed it. Mysql usage is %3-10 now. Crash problem is still exist. I said that i fixed mysql problem many times.
  6. Scirred offline shop related with high mysql usage because every warp and in every 5 minutes there is a mysql search for every players. So i solved with adding indexes to player_gift table and mysql usage is OK now. My problem is not mysql usage my problem is core crash which tells me that bad memory alloc. Although i have enough ram my cores crash randomly in a few days. I just wanted to learn that if someone faced a problem like this. It can be because of adding a system like transmutaion, new pets or just because of freebsd 10.3. I already disabled log tables from source.
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