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  1. Serverfiles Cartof v4 Contains Systems (all are working perfect, without bugs) * Sash system with scale > https://youtu.be/QFnyeS7_OI8 * Offline shop system + offline shop search system > https://youtu.be/VeU7r2xNQUo * Alchemy system > https://youtu.be/B4CRg0Co2cY * Yang limit was increased at 10kkkkk ( including offline shop and sash > you can see this in the posted videos up
  2. I used the both of them but : In the first one, when I was teleported I was still on my mount and the second one doesn't work. Thank you for ur first quest. I solved problem by keep standing on the mount when I get teleported. Ty again.
  3. Didn't work. I forgot to say that the mount icon isn't going in that slot, on my server it's going in normall slot like Vent Boots. Any help?
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