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  1. PROTECTION FOR M2BOB / LALAKER / MEMORYBREAK / MASYAF / INJECTORS ETC Detected cheats: m2bob, lalaker, masyaf, memorybreak, cheat engine, injectoare, antifly and many more How does it work? The protection shuts down the client when it detects at least one process from the above hack list. At the same time, a file with the IP or GUID (of choice) of the player that has been detected and the detected process is transmitted to each client (see video below). There is also the option to block certain sites (on request). The protection works on the basis of an integrated license which means that it cannot be stopped with an attack on a site or who knows what other methods. The license is even the customer's phone number so it cannot be lost / forgotten / etc. Each customer has only one unique license! In these days many things have changed which have led to performance and increased efficiency up to 50%. This is how the detected processes appear (some examples collected from over 700 files - 700 hackers): EXAMPLE VIDEO What it consist of? This consists of a lib and a few lines of code that need to be implemented in the client source. Each client has installation support or any problem is reported. Also, each client may suggest blocking a hack that he finds to be functional. Immediate detection is not guaranteed 100%. How much does it cost and how can I pay? The price is 30 € / month. Payment methods are PayPal (invoice) or bank transfer. Where can we get in touch? discord: goangă#2044 skype: live:unknown.rk Thanks!
  2. Serverfiles Cartof v4 Contains Systems (all are working perfect, without bugs) * Sash system with scale > https://youtu.be/QFnyeS7_OI8 * Offline shop system + offline shop search system > https://youtu.be/VeU7r2xNQUo * Alchemy system > https://youtu.be/B4CRg0Co2cY * Yang limit was increased at 10kkkkk ( including offline shop and sash > you can see this in the posted videos up * Belt system * Energy system Improvements * The specific music has been eliminated because I, at least, consider it useless (I think everyone now puts what he wants to listen to, that's my opinion) * The files have been rearranged, many of them deleted => 977MB total client size * You can attack and use the skills (horseback) on any mount * You can not use the Witch Tais and the Aura of the Sword if you do not have a gun * When you are teleporting or dying, your pet will not be chased, but will remain near you * You can not use a wedding suit and another suit at the same time * The commands that could have the server (/dice, /war etc) have been resolved and all (including /dice) * Quickslot (http://s9.postimg.org/kscrvipxb/screenshot_120.png) solved * The CMD file containing the required steps to use commands has been removed, the gradation is done directly from the source * The craft bug that caused the server dropout was resolved * The minimum level (40) to create a guild is verified in the source * Blend bug (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qObmGblVq0Q) solved * There was a possibility to squirt the server when you were invited to a guild now there is no such possibility * There was a possibility to drop the server when the / reload q command was used, there is no longer the possibility * There was a possibility that players can be disconnected by using the / messenger_auth command in a module, now can not * When you die you will not have any negative life, but 0 * When you have a stack of books it will only read 1, not all * There is no time between bonus changes * Exploit has been resolved, it does not work anymore I did not pay too much attention to the client, you have the freedom to customize it as you want. I've removed quests, drops, store items, and all else for not taking the serverfile here and within 5 minutes to advertise with the open server. On this occasion I hope you will make your own drops, OX questions etc. For those who wonder what serverfiles I started -> Zearth2 (you can see this when you open the client). Serverfiles download : Serverfiles Cartof v4 Sources (server, binary, dump_proto, config) are for sale on a bundle, they can not be bought in pieces. Careful! I do not sell to anyone. For private message contact me on Skype unknown.rk or live: unknown.rk. Free support to those who purchase the sources. Please refrain from any unnecessary comments and sorry for my english.
  3. I used the both of them but : In the first one, when I was teleported I was still on my mount and the second one doesn't work. Thank you for ur first quest. I solved problem by keep standing on the mount when I get teleported. Ty again.
  4. Didn't work. I forgot to say that the mount icon isn't going in that slot, on my server it's going in normall slot like Vent Boots. Any help?
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