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  1. i forget,i leave 1 year and half,i come back and i am stuck here haha,i forget everything loooooooooool
  2. wont work with vs 2008,because i have some settings in my source that's why i need vs 2013 with 2008 toolset
  3. it works before,i compiling like that,but now i am stuck,i forget whatt i need to do now,can you give me some hints,how to do it ?thx.
  4. Hello guys,someone have an ideea to make visual studio 2013 work with platform toolset v90 from vs 2008?
  5. Humm,let's see,thx. Edit: Player_index->empire not have collation :-?
  6. Hi,someone know something about this sysser and code ? Sysser : SYSERR: Sep 17 10:14:39 :: DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (latin2_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=' query: SELECT `empire` FROM player.player_index INNER JOIN player.player ON player.player.account_id = player.player_index.id WHERE player.player.`name` = 'yœ•¥' Function : std::string CInputMain::GetEmpireFlag(const char* c_pszName) { char newName[CHARACTER_NAME_MAX_LEN+1]; DBManager::instance().EscapeString(newName, size
  7. Hello, i have a weird crash core and i searching for someone Who know to fix it, i pay that's not a problem, Who want just pm me.
  8. Hey,someone know where can i change the color of the sword aura ? Thank you.
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