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  1. Hello, i added max gold, after this i get this error: "item table size error" This part cause the error: if (decode_2bytes(data) != sizeof(TItemTable)) { sys_err("item table size error"); thecore_shutdown(); return; } Someone maybe know what the "data" is? I try to find it but i dont know what this is or where it comes from. I missed something but i dont know what. Would be great if anyone can help me.
  2. Sorry for my late response. NPC/Mobs and quests working fine with ä ö ü. Seems like just items dont work with it. Thanks you solved the problem! My item_proto.txt and item_names.txt was encoded in "UTF-8-BOM". Now i changed to ANSI, all working fine!
  3. Not worked. :/ Still the same symboles.
  4. Hello, anyone know how to fix it? The name should be "Wüstenkämpferin", the problem is with ä, ö and ü.
  5. Hello devs, since 2 days i try to pack my mob_proto, it seems to work fine but if i start the client this appears: I dont know what my mistake is, so i watched the log on the cmd while running dump_proto. I used this command to dump the output to a file: dump_proto.exe > log.txt Content of the logfile: On the cmd this output is still visible: Aswell, if i pack the item_proto it works fine without any problems. Anyone got a idea what i can try to do?
  6. I can now start the binary by using the visual studio debugger, but i get this error: http://prntscr.com/f6ohct I copied my whole client into the /bin path, where my UserInterface.exe will created. If i start the file with click on it it work, but over vs this error come every time. If i rename the python27.dll i get an error that the binary does not find the dll. Any ideas?
  7. I tried to use the "local windows-debugger", if i run it i get this error: http://prntscr.com/f5t08k In english: not possible to start CWebBrowser.lib The file is at the right place and i get no other errors, any ideas?
  8. Hello, is it possible to debug the binary? I dont mean to compile in debug mode, i mean live debug, something like remote debugging or something like this. Anyone has an idea how to do this?
  9. Can you tell me how i do this or give me a tutorial? You mean something like 3ds max right?
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