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  1. Hi, Devs have a nice day, I will want your help a problem have today, SIGN FOR PLUS ITEMS , You everyone know the system. + Effect does not work in some parts, I took your photos. Operations in uiiventory.py ### Search: setItemVNum(i, itemVnum, itemCount) ### Add After: if app.SIGN_FOR_PLUS_ITEMS: ITEM_AND_POS = { #aici pui itemele care vrei sa aiba plusul pozitionat altcumva si pozitia plusului 30071 : [12,12], #fiere de urs }
  2. I do not fully understand, what do you think I should do ? Occurs on multiple quest pages. There is no information about what I should do :(
  3. Hello Community, Pleasant forums I have a problem I wanted to specify it as a video. When you turn off quests on the screen, the texts in the quests remain on the screen. From the friends who can fix the cause and the problem, I ask them to help. Thank you, good times.
  4. Hi Metin2dev, have a nice day, I added tag system. In the game, when I rank character I am having this problem. I'm waiting for your help.Thank you, nice forums. @martysama0134
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