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  1. how to create a npc with ep currency? bide sağol knk if you haven't installed won system you should delete the POINT_CHEQUE
  2. dazyshield.com. I prefer this. He fixes every hack and gives you update
  3. I fixed it. go to constants.cpp GAME const DWORD guild_exp_table[GUILD_MAX_LEVEL+1] = { 0, 15000UL, 45000UL, 90000UL, 160000UL, 235000UL, 325000UL, 430000UL, 550000UL, 685000UL, 835000UL, 1000000UL, 1500000UL, 2100000UL, 2800000UL, 3600000UL, 4500000UL, 6500000UL, 8000000UL, 10000000UL, 42000000UL }; // INTERNATIONAL_VERSION ????? const DWORD guild_exp_table2[GUILD_MAX_LEVEL+1] = { 0, 6000UL, 18000UL, 36000UL, 64000UL, 94000UL, 130000UL, 172000UL, 220000UL, 274000UL, 334000UL, 400000UL, 600000UL, 840000UL, 1120000UL, 1440000UL, 1800000UL, 26
  4. Problem is in video; When I donate exp to guild, my ch is crashing. When i look to the syserr and syslog, i dont see anything special. Auth server keeps working but CH is closing. My guild exp tables and guild level is fixed to 20. Client and game synchronized there's nothing too. I don't know what should I do GAME: Mainline r40250 DB: Mainline CLIENT: Mainline
  5. I solved it. in length.h there is login3 number. If you make it 111 again you can connect.
  6. I am new at metin2 development. I want to open a server and make everything from the scratch. Today I built a client but i am unable to connect server. It stucks at connecting to server. I have a client but i can't unpack it so I need to build a new client. Files base: Mainline edited 40250 Client base: Mainline Is there something that i can do? Thanks, have a good day.
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