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  1. Is on the internet but it's not working, I have it functional.
  2. I shoved, i did just like there but when i click on name, it will not open
  3. It's just on python on the internet, i want on source
  4. I said normal chat no global chat
  5. In what file from source must put and what must be replaced?
  6. How can I make to appear the kingdom for name on normal chat like it appears on the global one?
  7. I want you to give me a tutorial for private message of the global chat for the source.
  8. I want directly the system because I don't know exactly what I have to take from it, and I need something from client too, I give 5e paypal anyone who helps me with the system.
  9. I'll give 5E paypal for anyone who helps me.
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