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  1. Hi, how to add a border like this (on the python side): to this image: Thanks for help.
  2. Thank you! It works fine, but its a one little problem. When i buff myself on specify map LC_TEXT is showing. Is there a option to showing LC_TEXT only when im trying to buff other player?
  3. Hello devs, i have one question. I want to set flag "SELFONLY" on shaman skills buffs on specfiy map, is that real to do in source? If yes please give me some tips. Regards.
  4. Hello devs! I have a little problem with notice_all command. I hope anybody knows how to fix that, or how to remove that border on top screen. Thanks for help, greetings jking.
  5. Hello devs, i have a problem with new weapon shining by Kirige. As you can see on this video
  6. Hello guys, i used this theard: all works fine, but i have 2 problems: 1) When i change channel, its works, but under minimap is still CH1 (when im on ch2 for example) 2) The information: "You're already in the selected channel!" works only on CH1, for example, im on CH1, trying to change channel to CH1, information works, but when im on CH2 and trying change to CH1 there is that information and i cant change channel. I know its hard to understand me, but i hope u will help me, sorry for bad english guys
  7. Hi guys, can you tell me how to make toggle items like autopotions? Im trying to make Pet Toggle, but it's not working. I tryed to make it like autopotion function (IsActive) but still not working. Sry for bad English
  8. How should I edit that quest to don't unsummon pet after teleport?
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