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  1. Hi guys, I have a simple question How can I add Test to me button Here is an official example https://gyazo.com/0e6c0029ca9d9ecd061c0b619121ca7e I have https://gyazo.com/fe6afc1d236d4b703f459ec05b5afd8c
  2. Hi guys I installed map zodiac but there is a problem with Property Also, the map does not appear correctly https://gyazo.com/0ee01df06207552f431d611b51dd1f9c and https://gyazo.com/c391a849e4032997af4e4289a5e0a611 syseer 0627 04:47:57118 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(3189549636) Load ERROR 0627 04:47:57118 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(3499218645) Load ERROR 0627 04:47:57118 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(3357601997) Load ERROR 0627 04:47:57118 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(1242135181) Load ERROR 0627 04:47:57118 :: CArea::LoadObject Property(886974643) Load ERROR
  3. Hello, owners I am looking for a good programmer to solve some of the problems related to me, in return for a fee Skype communication : laug2018
  4. Hi guys I have two problems I have not found a solution in effect Your Ninja Dagger Your dagger is a wolf man Ninja : https://gyazo.com/b7ecb8b29eb2e757f0aad9d44a24ad1e wolf man : https://gyazo.com/db1e3de8892fc951ea1e0842f74ecf78 root / playersettingmodule.py chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+24, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7th.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+25, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir work/pc/common/effect/sword/sword_7th_f.mse") chrmgr.RegisterEffect(chrmgr.EFFECT_REFINED+26, "PART_WEAPON", "D:/ymir w
  5. thank you brother I have another question please Ninja Wayne is the path of the shaman bell http://prntscr.com/pts03y
  6. Hi guys I am having a very simple problem with the new arc effect Is there any solution ? Video of the problem https://gyazo.com/0e0dfda94a087883b2acfa9cadbfdf79
  7. 1- i did the same tut and it worked but i got different time than the server time ( i didn't got convert timestamp part ) https://prnt.sc/pif0sw 2- how to make the time format 12 h with am and pm @VegaS™
  8. ‏Hi guys I want a way to add server time under the small map That's what I mean https://gyazo.com/a64b804d198615ef6bcdb846696c9cc4
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