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  1. I have a problem witht the Pet System After I've implemented it, when i read books I'm getting a huge amount of XP , like level 99.
  2. Hello, I have a problem with private shop searching. I have implemented it but I'm getting an error. Can someone please help me ? Crash core : The whole server crashes. Someone told me to optimize these: %s %d delete or add
  3. I have a problem with the sash system scales every combination scarves are a maximum of 5% absorption how can I fix?
  4. I have a problem with the server.I can't get the items in inventory at level 1I tryed many ways.
  5. I have a problem when I implement transmution system. Getting this error:
  6. Hi, I've added new grades on the server and I would want to put in the global chat [VIP] for the VIP players and other grades for other types. EX: Thank you!
  7. Hello, problem hair please resolv: Help ME !!!
  8. Hello, problem sash new: Please help me
  9. Hello, problem mob_proto client Image: Please Help ME !!!
  10. Problem error source won system game: Please Help mee !!!!
  11. Hello, problem help sysser client: networkModule.py(line:200) SetSelectCharacterPhase system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result introSelect.py(line:28) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result interfaceModule.py(line:19) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result uiChat.py(line:9) <module> system.py(line:130) __pack_import system.py(line:110) _process_result colorInfo.py(line:39) <module> networkModule.SetSelectCharacterPhase - <type
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