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  1. your skype or discord?


  2. Reforms on the server - Pandora's earrings change their bonuses: Now they will give INT, STR and double amount of yang. - The level 190 Thunder map can be accessed at any level. - Now the Pandora Queen has a 100% chance of dropping her objects. (Parts of Wings.) - Downloaded to the Queen of Pandora her damage by 15% and her life by 10%. CapeDragon Head level 130 map (Very important modifications.) - All the monsters on the map have been reduced by 50% their damage. - The drop of all objects in all Heads has been increased by 40%. - Added p
  3. i cant pm you

  4. news updates https://board.btmt2.com/index.php?/forum/39-game-updates/
  5. I would like to show the hyperlink items in the same language as the client and not all of them in the same language as the person who use the hyperlink. Thx,
  6. can you answer me bro ??

    1. emanuel


      i want buy a system from you..


    2. Fivercloud


      add me nemberciko in skype

    3. emanuel
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