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  1. Have look here 


  2. 2 years trying to fix this bug? :DDD sorry man but this is just too ridiculous.. just try another quest from different server files
  3. http://www.just-fucking-google.it?s=metin2 windows server files&e=finger
  4. i had this error too recently.. i gave up trying to fix it and switched to freebsd 11
  5. v zivote se nic nenaucis, kdyz tady budes porad spamovat s dotazama co nekdy zkusit zapojit mozek
  6. is your server time correct? when you type "date" in putty
  7. looks cool but idk if its good idea to take copyrighted materials from another game.. i mean with ymir/gameforge there is almost zero chance being punished for that, but you can never know with riot games
  8. <?php header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-2'); mb_internal_encoding("ISO-8859-2"); $db = new mysqli("localhost", "user", "password", "player"); $db->set_charset("latin1"); $db->query("SET NAMES 'latin1'"); $db->query("SET CHARACTER SET 'latin1'"); $result = $db->query("SELECT vnum, locale_name FROM item_proto"); while($row = $result->fetch_assoc()){ echo "ID:\t".$row['vnum']."\t".$row['locale_name'] . '<br />'; }
  9. this CMS is not really well structured and it uses many sql queries, that's why its slow.. if you want to make it faster, you need to have website on the same server as mysql
  10. ondry


    why are u insulting him ? everybody has right to specify his own value of time/work you may not like that price but insulting him makes you just silly
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