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  1. did u try to lower "Specular" value in item_proto ?
  2. it will not work.. Z coordinate is ignored in published ymir files..
  3. dont ask me.. he said, he is translating server files.. and if he doesnt have items (icons/models), what is the point of having protos anyway?
  4. he can take the latest one from p3ng3r and translate the missing ones by himself within few minutes
  5. you can find mob names and item names from official server here
  6. no unfortunately i am not allowed to sell it as the sellers on this forum need to have 250+ posts
  7. try to change if (!pkVictim->GetParty()) to if (pkVictim && !pkVictim->GetParty())
  8. try to edit server_timer function like that: when PAJp_OutAll.server_timer begin if d.select(get_server_timer_arg()) then local setting = flame_dungeon_01.setting() d.set_warp_location(62, setting.outside_entry_pos[1] , setting.outside_entry_pos[2]) d.exit_all() end end
  9. yes thats because your item_proto is not updated in client, google for "metin2 item_proto packer" and put correct item_proto to client "locale/xx/"
  10. i think the problem is in client item_proto did you pack properly item_proto and placed it correctly to the locale/xx/item_proto ? try to change the level of item and see if it changes ingame
  11. since the item does not dissapear from your inventory while its showing time "0" it seems like a client bug check the uiToolTip.py file for function def AddItemData check if you have this part: http://prntscr.com/wavtps and also this part http://prntscr.com/wavu6k also make sure you have updated item_proto in client
  12. seems like you are setting the time in value0 instead of limittype and limitvalue or you are missing the code for mount costume in uitooltip.py first make sure you are setting the limittype to "7" and limitvalue to the time in seconds
  13. http://letmegooglethat.com/?q=metin2+special+storage+c%2B%2B
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