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  1. change to ITEM_ID_RANGE = 1000000000 2000000000
  2. view line 542 des.cpp and line 40 item.cpp
  3. This is my structure https://gyazo.com/2d2f34c6687505aa422fa64bd343a6e5 you can give me you skype? please
  4. Well, I don't know much about source but could you help me out? please
  5. Sysser of the database is empty, this throws it to me in chanel 1 DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x476b6e00 DirectQuery: AsyncSQL::DirectQuery : mysql_query error: Out of range value for column 'applytype0' at row 1 query: INSERT INTO offline_shop_item (id,owner_id,pos,count,price,price_cheque,vnum,transmutation,evolution,socket0,socket1,socket2,socket3, attrtype0, attrvalue0, attrtype1, attrvalue1, attrtype2, attrvalue2, attrtype3, attrvalue3, attrtype4, attrvalue4, attrtype5, attrvalue5, attrtype6, attrvalue6, applytype0, applyvalue0, applytype1, applyva
  6. I need help with this error, please if anyone knows can you help me? thanks. https://i.imgur.com/i7Rv85B.gifv
  7. Greetings, I have this problem with the dungeon de nemere, clicking on the guardian and giving the option "if I want to enter" nothing happens, does not send to the map to start the dungeon, I hope your help thanks
  8. 50mb gamefile and 3gb game.core Can you pass me your skype?
  9. the file is already compiled and is in its exact path
  10. I'm not that expert, but the game is in its path / share / bin /
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