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  1. ClientManager.cpp case HEADER_GD_PLAYER_DELETE: sys_log(1, "HEADER_GD_PLAYER_DELETE (handle: %d length: %d)", dwHandle, dwLength); __QUERY_PLAYER_DELETE(peer, dwHandle, (TPlayerDeletePacket *) data); break; ClientManagerPlayer.cpp void CClientManager::__QUERY_PLAYER_DELETE(CPeer* peer, DWORD dwHandle, TPlayerDeletePacket* packet) { if (!packet->login[0] || !packet->player_id || packet->account_index >= PLAYER_PER_ACCOUNT) return; CLoginData * ld = GetLoginDataByLogin(packet->login); i
  2. Ok, so my DB core crashes randomly and this is the bt : #0 0x2851871b in strncmp () from /usr/lib32/libc.so.7 No symbol table info available. #1 0x2851774b in strncmpeq (nameValue=0x305c305c <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x305c305c>, name=<optimized out>, nameLen=<optimized out>) at /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/getenv.c:144 No locals. #2 __findenv_environ (name=<optimized out>, nameLen=<optimized out>) at /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/getenv.c:195 envNdx = <optimized out> #3 getenv (name=0x28533060 "TZ") at /usr/src/lib/libc/stdlib/g
  3. bool CMgrMap::IsPartecipant(DWORD dwPlayerID) { if (!dwPlayerID) return false; itertype(v_Partecipants) it = std::find(v_Partecipants.begin(), v_Partecipants.end(), dwPlayerID); if (it != v_Partecipants.end()) return true; return false; } This refactor by WeedHex helped me. Seems like the problem is solved. Thanks
  4. Hello guys, i have a little problem with the Meley run. Once in a while one of my cores ( the one that is used by the run ) crashes and then i get this : https://imgur.com/JVysRDT MeleyLair.cpp bool CMgrMap::IsPartecipant(DWORD dwPlayerID) { bool bCheck = std::find(v_Partecipants.begin(), v_Partecipants.end(), dwPlayerID) != v_Partecipants.end(); return bCheck; } void CMgr::OnKillCommon(LPCHARACTER pkMonster, LPCHARACTER pkChar, CGuild* pkGuild) { if ((!pkMonster) || (!pkChar) || (!pkGuild)) return; CMgrMa
  5. Does anyone know how how to decompile a metin2client.bin file
  6. How can i make an option in Game Settings that hides/shows offline shops. I have created the buttons but i don't know how to do the script, can anyone help me please?
  7. I have a script that is taken from a multihack, i can show it to you, when i try to implement it to my client, it crashes, maybe because of the client antihack protection wich i don't know how to bypass
  8. Thank you, buy i have no access to binary, i need to do it with pure python.
  9. May you, please, help me with that? I'm not familiar with Metin's libs.
  10. No, you misunderstood. I know what it does, i have an autopickup script, i don't need that. I need a script that picks up only books, not every garbage from the ground.
  11. Got it, but i don't need this, i already have this, check my response to charparodar
  12. I understand what u're telling me. But look, for example, there are two items dropped : Sword+2 and Skill Book. I want this autopickup to pick only the book. And i want to tell it what to pick up in the .py script, not ingame.
  13. it isn't but i think i can edit it to be what i want, thank you alot for help. What i wanted is a pickupbot that will pick a type of items. For example it will pick only Moonlight chests
  14. Hello guys, may someone tell me how to do i make my clientside auto-pickup to pickup only one particular item? What function should i use, what circumstance should i call?
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