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  1. Hey guys, i didnt do that for a long time so i realy forgott it -.- How can i show on the pet/mounts item which Bonus this pet/mount gives.. Thanks
  2. Hello guys, today i got 2 problems : 1: When im on Map1 or some where else sometimes everything "freeze" i can move and i can see how i move.. but i cant see the other people move while they´re moving oO When they kill monsters it looks like for me like they using a bot oO 2: The core gets down without any error or something like that oO and always at different times so i cant reproduce that oO Maby someone could help..
  3. Hey, i used google but the most things are offline or doesnt work. I need a Hotkey where i can disable/enable the chat for yang drop.. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, i need a little help.. I got 7/8 Skills but the problem is i only get skill points for normal skills.. where i can edit that as example you get at level 100 at every level up 2 skill points.. Thanks
  5. Hey i get following error after creation of a new Guild: The code looks like : Does anyone got a idea how to fix this error ?
  6. Hello guys, im looking for 2 people who can translate a english locale folder and the locale_string to romanian and to polnish please write me thanks.
  7. I have this from "Paci" but the problem is that if there are like 6-7 quest in one Categorie the quests go out of the Window if you know what i mean.. otherwise ill show you a screen >.>
  8. Push* im still looking for one... it should have a "scroll option" like official.
  9. Hey, like you can see in the title I'm looking for a secure and trusted Client-Protection Service. pm me or write in the thread. Thanks
  10. Hey, im looking for the following Quest ordering system : http://prnt.sc/e3aw32 Pm me, thanks
  11. hey guys, im getting following error at the Shop Search system from Koray " Shop2: Item Search Query Failed, Rows couldn't get " Does someone got a fix for this ? And could it be that this doesnt work with following offlineshop system ?
  12. Thanks =) So i can just add that somewhere in the shop.cpp ?
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