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  1. you change where says My IP? Clientside: NetAddress.cpp void CNetworkAddress::GetIP(char* szIP, int len) { BYTE IPs[4]; *((DWORD*)IPs)=m_sockAddrIn.sin_addr.s_addr; _snprintf(szIP, len, "My IP", IPs[0], IPs[1], IPs[2], IPs[3]); On "My IP" you put your external IP (The ip of your internet expl: "").... void CNetworkAddress::GetIP(char* szIP, int len) { BYTE IPs[4]; *((DWORD*)IPs)=m_sockAddrIn.sin_addr.s_addr; _snprintf(szIP, len, "", IPs[0], IPs[1], IPs[2], IPs[3]);
  2. Solution: here Link Down can Update?
  3. hello my friend, i need a help of someone to install a metin2 server 40k on my homeserver, i have make a home server with a i3 4gb ram and freeBSD 12, but anytime when i install a server files, and mysql, i have gift all right permissions, i have make the right users of db and ssh for the server, but all time i get cores error i don't know why, i have try all things i have on my head but dont start, :( you can help me from teamviewer please? 

    if you can, add my discord; ThePetter#7491

    Cups Tasco.


  4. Hello, i try to start my server metin2, on my homeserver but it says: AUTH_CONFIG: CONSOLE: CUPS - Tasco
  5. anyone can help me on the clientside? i have install him but have one error and i can't find him, help me plz!!! The error como from python i tink Print:
  6. Hi People, i need a team for create a new metin2 private server português & Español, if have a people speaking Português & Español plz join us, i am a programer on lua linguage... (I am sorry for my bad English)... tks for read this post.
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